Welcome to RedHouse Pet 


Your Direct-to-Store Pet Distributor

RedHouse Pet is a unique Full Line Distributor, specializing in the Pet Industry. We allow you to mix and match single items from multiple manufacturers. 

Your Direct-to-Store Pet Distributor

RedHouse Pet was the brainchild of several professionals that have been in the Pet Industry for over 30 years. Our team is made up of manufacturers, sales reps, manufacturer reps, independent reps, distributors, retailers, closeouts - you name it. We fully understand that this industry is changing rapidly. 

100% Flexible for Retailers

We must get out of the box and be completely flexible to the wants and needs of retailers. RedHouse Pet offers you a unique opportunity to purchase multiple items from multiple manufacturers. We have very low minimums and allow you complete flexibility to buy the products you want in the quantities you wish to purchase. The only exception is trays of canned pet food, which are available in full-trays only. We carry complete product lines from manufactures, not just the top 10 or 15 items. You want to mix and match cases, items, manufacturers? NO PROBLEM!